Mosul Say Tabraq ( Bajang Aamad Chapter 9)

Urdu Classics » Mosul Say Tabraq ( Bajang Aamad Chapter 9)
Mosul Say Tabraq ( Bajang Aamad Chapter 9)
Author: Colonel Muhammad Khan
Duration: 23m 2s
Narrator: Arif Bahalim
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Chapter 9 from the Urdu Classic "Bajang Aamad". Colonel Muhammad Khan (Urdu: کرنل محمد خان) (born 1910 – 23 October 1999) was a Pakistan Army officer and a war veteran. He also served in the Indian Army of the undivided British India and was a veteran of World War II. While serving in Pakistan Army, he wrote his first book Bajung Aamad (Urdu: بجنگ آمد) which was a humorous autobiography‎. This book became extremely popular and became one of the most famous books in Urdu literature. The success of his first book earned him critically acclaimed prominence among Urdu humorists and he is considered one of the most influential authors of this genre. He was the fellow of Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi, Syed Zameer Jafferi, Shafique-ur-Rehman

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