Karachi (Surkh Feeta)

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Karachi (Surkh Feeta)
Author: Qudratullah Shahab
Duration: 8m36s
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About the author: Qudrat Ullah Shahab (or Qudratullah Shahab; February 26, 1917– July 24, 1986) (Urdu: قدرت الله شهاب) was an eminent Urdu writer and civil servant from Pakistan. From Jammu to Bengal, Qudratullah Shahab has seen and experienced everything and now through this book he shares that experience with us. The eminent writer boldly describes the stark truths and harsh realities about different places and events of the days gone by. The book starts on a serious note with ‘Ya Khuda’, where Shahab take us back to the gloomy days of an infant Pakistan and graphically describes the gruesome events and the sufferings faced by the migrants in those early days of settlement. ‘Dilshad’ is one such victim of migration, vividly portrayed by the author. As if conscious of the serious nature of his accounts, Shahab soon veers into classical satire with ‘Asar-e-Qadeema’ and ‘Surkh Feeta’ and brings respite to the nerves with the humorous ‘Aik Dispatch’. 'Karachi' is a translation from the excerpts of a Private Diary belonging to a British Soldier who landed in Karachi in 1839. The Diary was published in London in 1851.

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