Selected Pieces Vol 1 (Iqbal Azeem)

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Selected Pieces Vol 1 (Iqbal Azeem)
Author: Iqbal Azeem
Duration: 19:34
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Iqbal Azeem was born in Meerath (India) in 1913. He was one of the greatest poets of Urdu Literature. He acquired his basic education from Agra and after Partition, he settled in East Pakistan “Mizrab” and “Lab Kusha” are two Ghazal collections of Iqbal Azeem whereas “Kab-e-Qosain” is the book of naats. He also wrote “Mashraqi Bengal Mein Urdu” – a critic on Urdu language evolution in Bengal. He was very popular for his tarannüm and the fact that he had lost most of his eyesight that ended, later, into becoming totally blind.

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