What are the available payment methods?

We accept all major Credit Cards.

Offline Payment option for Users in Pakistan:

In addition to paying by Credit Card, users in Pakistan can also choose to pay offline and buy
‘Store Credits’. They can then use these credits to buy any available title on the site, which is also
priced in terms of these ‘Store Credits’ in addition to the regular dollar price.

The conversion rate is:

Rs 100 = 1 Store Credit

Users can either pre-pay to buy a certain number of credits before logging in to make their purchase or
they can complete their shopping first and then pay offline to activate their download links.

Cash Pickup is available in Karachi.

Contact#: 021-32426851

In addition the following payment methods are
available countrywide:

1) Mail us your cheques at:

809-813, Business Center, Mumtaz Hasan Road, I.I.Chundrigar Road,Karachi

Please mention your name along with your cheques.
The cheque is to be made out to “The Readers Club”

2) Online money transfer via the internet or ATM (or physical money deposit over the counter) to any of our following Bank accounts:

Habib Bank Ltd Timber Market Branch, Karachi,
A/C Title: The Readers Club
A/C #: 00397900100703

Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd, Timber Market Branch Karachi.
A/C Title: The Readers Club
A/C#: 012720311121659

3) Deposit money via Easy Paisa into our mobile a/c number 0345-8226657-2

Are there any free samples available?

Yes, each Urdu Audio book has a free sample available that you can listen to before deciding to buy. Simply press the ‘Play’
icon next to each title

Is there a limit on the number of times I can download a purchased Urdu Audio file?

We strongly believe in a fair use policy and an honor code, hence there is no restriction on the number of times
a file can be downloaded once you’ve purchased it. You can download on multiple devices from multiple locations,
or copy the Urdu Audio Books to any digital device you want to. Our only request is to not make copies and distribute them!

What is the file format of the Urdu Audio Books?

All files are in the mp3 format

Where can I update my user info and access my purchased Urdu Audio Books?

After logging in, please navigate to the ‘My Account’ tab at the top of the page, for a complete order history,
download links and access to personal information/offline credit history.

Do I get instant access to the Urdu Audio files upon purchase?

Credit Card, and purchases with enough store credit in your account (in case of offline payment) get instant
access to the Urdu Audio files.
In case where a purchase is made first and payment made offline, the download is activated as soon as the payment is received.

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